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Simply al forno

Welcome to Geena's Cucina: where pizza is our soul.

Geena’s Cucina is a casual, full service trattoria specializing in authentic, al forno pizza and other Italian specialties. From an extensive list of traditional and creative al forno pizza, to pastas, fresh salads and homemade desserts, the classic flavors of Italy are offered throughout our menu for Lunch or Dinner. The bar features a variety of hand selected liquors, domestic and imported wines, and local craft beers.

The Al Forno Difference

Al forno [al ˈforno] is food that has been baked in an oven.

An al forno dish is a labor of love. While the ingredients are simple, al forno dishes take a long time to prepare. From creating the perfect dough that can withstand high heat without being burned, to baking the dish for the perfect amount of time, al forno style cooking is one that you can taste immediately.

The origin of pasta al forno comes from the method of cooking in Northern Italy. In order to cook anything, Northern Italians had to use a wood fire oven. It required a certain level of finesse and patience, and over time, it became a popular method of cooking. At Geena’s, we take the wood-fire tradition and add a modern twist. Our al forno oven is kept at 900 degrees and does not have wood. Our goal is to deliver the freshest and best pizza you’ll ever have at every visit. Each dish is cooked to order and is not just sitting around, waiting to be re-heated.

About Us


Geena’s Cucina is a story about cherishing the things we care about. The vision was to create a special space that guests feel the warmth in. When you walk in, you are greeted with reclaimed 200 year old wood which was taken from an old tanning factory in Brooklyn that was being taken down. It was cut and refinished to create the wainscoting and bar.

Our walls are finished in the century’s old technique of layering plaster while applying different colors, then applying wax and buffing it to give a beautiful patina. Our wood oven is made in the United States with the latest technology capable of getting up to 900 degrees and making a pizza in less than four minutes.  We focus on traditional al forno dishes with a modern twist.  And, finally we named our restaurant after the one we love, our daughter. Come and feel the love and enjoy a great meal.

Our commitment to quality and preparation can be enjoyed at every visit. Our goal isn’t to just serve pizza: it’s to give you the best pizza you ever had.

For us, Geena’s means “love, family and time” and that’s what we hope you enjoy with each visit.


Monday - Friday:

11:30AM - 8:00PM